Top 5 tips for building muscle

Top 5 tips for building muscle

Published by : Dexter on 18 January 2022
  1. Weight Training: In order to build muscle, you need to perform exercises that utilise and focus on exposing your body to higher levels of resistance/load/weight than it is used to. The most effective and common methods and approaches are by using free weights (dumbbells/barbells), resistance bands, resistance machines and your own body weight. This in turn causes a physiological internal response where your body then needs to build stronger and larger muscles to be able to cope better to these physical demands on the body for next time.

  2. Sufficient Protein Consumption:  When looking to build muscle one of the most important factors is to consume adequate protein each day to aid in the muscle building process. When you weight train you are literally breaking down your muscle fibres, and this is exactly what needs to happen. This causes micro-tears in the muscle that need to be repaired and this is where protein comes into play. The protein you eat will essentially ‘fill in’ those tears in the muscles making them bigger and stronger. A lack of protein will make this process a lot harder to achieve meaning your ability to build muscle becomes a lot harder and longer.

  3. Get The Right Amount of Sleep:  Sleeping a minimum amount each night is crucial to ensure you are giving your body enough time to allow itself to repair and rebuild. Sleeping is the time your body uses to fix any damage caused to itself and a perfect example is repairing and rebuilding damaged muscles. During your sleep is when your body heals itself and repairs damage caused during the day. A lack of sleep will mean you are not recovering sufficiently and not allowing your body enough time to rest. Getting enough sleep is a hugely overlooked and underestimated factor of muscle building, and health in general. A minimum amount of sleep you should get each night is 7 hours.

  4. A Structured Training Programme: So now that you know that weight training is a requirement to build muscle you also need to understand that the best approach is to go into your training sessions with a plan and not just winging it. A training programme is a thought out and structured work out regime where exercise selection, rep ranges, technique, rest periods, tempos, weights used and a few other aspects are all put together provided as a comprehensive plan to ensure that the time and effort you are putting in to your sessions are working towards your goals and done in the safest, most effective and efficient manner.

  5. Time and Patience: Much like many other things in life, building muscle is a slow process that happens easier and at different rates for everyone. Some people can build muscle quicker than others the same way some people burn fat faster than other people. There is a big genetic component to muscle building as to how fast and how much you can build. Obviously, the amount you are looking to build and in which areas is individual to your goals and so that in itself also can vary as someone looking to build only a small amount in a specific area of their body is going to happen quicker than someone looking to build a lot of muscle in more ears of their body. Again, much like burning fat, many people do not end up building the muscle they are looking to achieve as it isn’t something that is going to happen in 4 weeks. You need to understand it’s a slow process and one that requires patience and commitment, certainly to get achieve your goals as fast and as optimally as possible.