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Top 5 best full body exercises

Published by : Dexter on 31 May 2022
  1. Squat press - The squat press is an exercise that targets mostly the legs, core and shoulders. It works very well as a slightly heavier weight exercise where’d you aim for between 8-12 reps. However it also works very well as an exercise to go lighter on and aim for a higher rep range around 15-25 reps. Depending on the goal of the individual and what else is part of the workout will determine which approach will be best for you. Both approaches are great for burning a lot of calories as both require a lot of effort and muscles to perform it properly. This exercise has great postural benefits due to the amount of thoracic extension (keeping chest up/back straight) it requires which a lot of people need to improve. It also requires a lot of range of motion through multiple joints and so is good for longevity and strengthening of joints and connective tissue. 

  2. Renegade row - The Renegade row is an exercise that targets a lot of your core, back and arms. This exercise is not typically used as a heavier weight exercise due to the high levels of core stability that are required and so works best as a moderate to high rep range exercise for around 10-15 rows each side. This exercise works your back muscles to a high degree as they are responsible for the rowing part of the movement. The arms, more specifically the biceps, work secondary with the back muscles assisting rowing the weight. This exercise is used mostly for the core stability aspect as it has a unique benefit that a lot of other core exercises don’t have which is anti-rotation. This is preventing your torso, hips and shoulders from rotating as you row the weight up. It also provides benefits such as increasing shoulder stability and wrist strength due to being in a high plank position the whole time with the weights in your hands on the floor. 

  3. Deadlift - The deadlift is an exercise that uses almost every single muscle in the body with specific emphasis on the back, core, and leg muscles. This is an exercise that typically is used as a heavier weight lower rep exercise, usually under 10 reps. However it too also works well as a endurance /cardiovascular based exercise where you can go lighter weight higher rep for anything from 15-30 reps. Deadlifts are great in aiding natural functional movement which will improve your everyday life and daily activities. It also is one of the best exercises for strengthening the lower back and core which often people have a weakness. Finally it improves peoples posture a lot too due to the exercise placing a high demand on the posterior chain which will give you strength to hold your self taller and straighter preventing a hunched and curved back. 

  4. Burpee - The burpee is another exercise that does quite literally nearly work every single muscle in the body. It places high demands on the arms, shoulders, chest, core and legs. This exercise is a non-weighted exercise and is only performed using your own bodyweight. It is also very taxing on the cardiovascular system and so as to how many you should do is based upon your current fitness level. As a starting point use 10 reps as a bench mark and as you get fitter try to increase that number over time to as many as possible. The burpee, due to it being an exercise that works so many body parts and muscles at once, is a fantastic fat burning/calorie expending exercise being great for people looking to lose fat/weight. It is also a great exercise due to it not requiring any equipment and so can be performed anywhere at any time. Lastly it is a great full body exercise because it has both regression and progression alternatives to cater for people who are beginners and more advanced. A regression would be stepping in and out instead of jumping. A progression can be adding a box jump at the end instead of just jumping on the spot. 

  5. Push ups - The last one on the list for best full body exercises is the push up. The push up is a fantastic overall upper body strengthening exercise while simultaneously working the core. It will predominantly target the chest, shoulders, triceps and core. This exercise like the burpee is a non-weighted exercise and performed only through your bodyweight. Similarly again too the above exercise, the amount you should do will be based upon your current strength level and requires no equipment so can be done anywhere any time. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced individual this exercise has options to make it harder or easier. The standard press up for most beginners will be quite difficult and so a good starting point would be the kneeling press up. This is just dropping your knees to the floor rather than being in a high plank position. To make it harder you can do many things, a favourite of mine is to pause in the bottom position for a 1-2 second count before pushing back to the top. This exercise will be great to gain upper body muscle and strength while burning a good amount of calories at the same time.